Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Getting Rich

I went to a new doctor today--that means I had to fill out a lot of "new patient information" sheets. One of the papers made me disclose everything and anything about my past medical history. It asked questions like "Have you ever had a urinary tract infection?" "Are you sexually active?" "Do you do recreational drugs?" All of these, of course, were easy to answer. Of course, these are questions you are expected to hear from a doctor's office--otherwise, what kind of an office would it be? They deserve full disclosure, I didn't hide anything from them. If I did, they wouldn't be able to give me the proper treatment! Finally, I got to the end, and the very last question was: "What are your personal goals?" I gasped and cringed. How intrusive! Alas, I couldn't leave it blank! I thought about it, was shocked that I didn't have an immediate answer, and then wrote: To be extremely successful and wealthy.

The older I get, the more and more I realize how much money leads to progress. I'm not going to go as far as to say that money leads to happiness (read: money leads to happiness), but I am going to propose that the more money someone (me) has, the more potential they have to -do- more in their life, and the more 'things' a person can do in their life, the more happy he/she (I) will be.

So far in my life, I have gained enough experience and social capital that enable me to have many different avenues to pursue wealth. Let me explain what I mean by this. A female who isn't very smart, has been in and out of the prison system, and dropped out of high school, has few options to acquire wealth--waitressing, stripping, or marrying someone rich. She could be successful in one or all, but the chances of her being a failure in all of these endeavors is still very great. The point is, in this situation she only has 3 obvious avenues of potential wealth. If she wanted to open up more avenues, she could go to a community college, graduate with good grades, etc. It would be hard, but at least by doing so she would open up a couple more avenues.

Like I said, my current situation, I have many avenues to pursue. This summer, I'm going to need to start making a lot of money. Here is an incomplete list of things I can do to make money:

-Campaign management
-Investigative work
-Public Relations
-Project management

I can see myself doing those things for an indefinite amount of time. I could be content, safe, and happy. The following list is a list of dreams pursuits. Ultimately, I would like to start my own business. Again, I have a variety of different ideas.

-My own reality TV show franchise (don't judge, I have some good ideas!)
-A rehabilitation center (not just any rehab center, no, this one will include legal help and an mixed-martial-arts club.)
-My own law firm (I'd have to go to law school, which is fine)
-My own HR firm (I could probably do this now...but I need some $$. Also, it might be boring.)

If this blog entry was placed in my self-titled autobiography, it would be under Part V: Acquiring Wealth, Chapter One: The Great Decision.

Ideally, Part V would end with something like, "I realized that I could write an honest check for a large NASA spacecraft and not even sweat it."


Jeremy Saunders said...

Hrm... I need to be rich as well. How about you get rich and then write me a big check instead of that silly NASA organization.

Cassie: said...

Deal, but I'd like Michelle's autograph in exchange.

Jeremy Saunders said...