Sunday, June 8, 2008

Memorial Day - I Want to be a farmer

Apologies for the delay in the blog update. Finals, projects, work, and the like got in my way.

I had the best Memorial day this year. I wanted to write about it earlier, but I didn't have pictures to back up my story. However, Tom posted pictures and e-mailed me a few more. Now I can adequately blog.

Let me start off by doing a bit of a shout out from last year's Memorial day. Last year I went to Moses Lake with some friends: Tori, Chris, Emily, Jonny, Suzy, and Becky-May. It was the first time I really spent time in eastern Washington. I got some good insights into the farm life. Emily's dad taught us how to syphon water, we learned that water circles can send text messages, and Emily's grandpa gave us hand made wooden bowls. We also played a lot of card games and tormented Tori for some secret reason. Also, Emily's brother Marshall proved to us that he is the nicest 15-year old boy we will ever meet. I was impressed with my eastern Washington visit.

This year, eastern Washington proved to be even more impressive--which I didn't think was possible. Elisha invited us out to her farm in Royal City. Elisha is getting ready to go on a mission to Spain--she leaves in 3 days!!! Anyways, I was not able to get out there until Sunday night, but I had enough fun in 24 hours to last me a lifetime.

I arrived at about 10pm--I couldn't leave Oak Harbor until after church (we have the 1-4 block) because I had an activity I was in charge of--and it went well, no worries!

I made sure to bring with me my PS2 and my 3 SingStar karaoke games. I am a huge karaoke fan. Being Filipino, it's in my blood. I didn't know how everyone else would react to it, but it was receieved well. Tom, Stephen, Elisha, Elisha's dad, and her 2 younger brothers and her younger sister all joined in on the fun. We sang until roughly 2 a.m.

We then finished the night relaxing in the hottub, but the mosquitos were our downfall, and we got back in the house pretty quick.

The next morning, we went to an Allred traditional breakfast at her uncle's house. The following reasons have lead me to believe that farmers are rich:
1-they had the biggest house I've ever been in, and land beyond the eye's reach.
2-they had their own playground and basketball court
3-they had a 'beach' volleyball court
4-they had their own "pond"(it was actually a man made lake) with a zipline, a 3 platform rope swing, and a diving board. Here is Tom jumping off the ropeswing:

It was awesome.

We then went back to Elisha's, got on some four wheelers, and went to her potato storage warehouse. I have never seen so many potatoes in my whole life. If someone put a gun to my head and told me to accurately guess the number of potatoes that were in that warehouse without going over the actual amount, I would comfortably guess 1 million.

I also got to go shotgun shooting for the first time, and I felt pretty much awesome. I think this is a hobby I'd like to develop:

Next, we went 4-wheeling for about 4 hours. It was awesome. We went on the streets of Royal City, up to speeds of 50 mph, and we were on gravel roads, and eventually we went through the sagebrush and up Saddle Mountain. I was in the back most of the time because I had sunglasses to protect from the dirt. This explains why I am covered in dirt.

Here is a picture of us on top of Saddle Mountain, right before the rain hit us for our ride back:

So, I biffed it a couple times, but not enough to sustain any actual injuries. Last time I was at Elisha's, I drove that tractor in the background. More importantly, I rode the horse pictured here, and subsequently injured my foot. I don't know what the problem was, but it was bruised badly, and I fell off in June-ish, and it didn't stop hurting until November.

All in all, it was a WONDERFUL weekend. Thanks Elisha, for having us over to your amazing farm, and good luck on your mission!!

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