Monday, August 11, 2008

McCain, Bush, Obama, Russia, Georgia

I made the following comment to this post:
Have you read Obama's speech? He probably does not even know where Georgia is on a map. McCain has been to Georgia. McCain also immediately knew to condemn Russia, and support Georgia, who has the 3rd largest presence in Iraq, with 2000 troops. Obama probably didn't know that, and condemned both Russia and Georgia because he doesn't know crap about foreign policy.

The US transported all Georgian forces in Iraq back to Georgia to fight in their own country. The US is now shifting troops in Iraq to account for all the work that the Georgians have been doing, which has mainly been confined to border security between Iraq and Iran.

Obama is a fascist liberal, who wants to control when you work, how you eat, what you drive, and how you heat your home. Obama is a weak, naive, and an elitist snob.

Obama portrayed himself in the race between His Holy Oneness and Hillary, as more liberal. Now he is against McCain, and he changes his website to be more centrist. He spoke all presidential when it came to Iraq before he even went there.

And don't complain that McCain is acting like he's already President, he didn't make himself a Presidential Seal like Obama did.

Also, don't complain about McCain being similar to Bush. McCain voted against Bush's oil energy plan. Obama voted for it.

Obama gets more money from employees of oil companies than McCain does. Look it up.

You're boy Obama is a liar.

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