Friday, August 15, 2008

Employment! (but not fame...or a lot of wealth for that matter)

Finally, after 7 weeks, probably about 200 emails and random applications, and 8 interviews (2 of which were complete scams..) I got a job!

It's with a pretty cool company with a lot of room for growth. It's a high-end lamp company. They have offices internationally, but LA is their main office. Everyone is super friendly, and I found out I got it yesterday, which is the same day I interviewed as well. I'm just doing customer service and project management at first, but I have room to grow into sales and business development in a year too. It's a really nice office, but it happens to be in the 'almost' ghetto, bordering the Compton area. Basically, if I ever get lost on my way to work, I will be shot. But it's the trade-off I have accepted.

Now I'm on the search for an apartment to live in. Which will be tricky. With prices here, and what I'm making, after all my bills and whatever, I will have about $100 left over. So much for being filthy rich!


Karen said...

You have had the most random jobs ever. I thought my Waste Management, and roofing company jobs were pretty random, but are doing pretty well yourself. Sad about the filthy rich thing...

Anonymous said...

Cassie! You need to blog more! How am I supposed to konw the goings on of your life? COME ON!