Sunday, September 28, 2008

Update! Random Thoughts

Ok, a lot has happened! And I apologize for the lack of proficient blogging, but a quick update will have to suffice. And these are in no sensible order:

-My job is still pretty fun. It's not everything I ever hoped for, but it keeps me busy (and not just busy work, but real work) and I find new ways to challenge myself everyday and contribute to the overall company in meaningful ways. I also have fun with my coworkers. A group of us have been eating lunch together every day for like 2 weeks now, and it's my favorite part of my working day.

-I started going to Elite MMA, and they have offered for me to join their fight team, get sponsored, and teach there. I also have some other opportunities with them that I will yet reveal until it's official. My coaches there are Steve Rodarte and Sonny Hughes.

-I'm still working on the Proposition 8 campaign, which has proved challenging, yet rewarding. It's interesting to see that while our country preaches freedom of religion, religions are prohibited from practicing politics. Even more interesting is that freedom -for- religions get stricken down by politicians, who suffer no recourse from religious institutions because of the 'tax exempt' rule.

-I suffered from a bout of Glory-day syndrome. For those of you that don't know...that's a term in the athletic/fighting world that pertains to fighters/athletes who used to be really good, and then somehow got out of their grove, lost it, and then try to make a comeback. I figured there was no point in reminiscing about the old days, or how things used to be, so I quickly got over it and am enjoying starting my new life down here. I think living in the past is extremely detrimental to your present and future.

-A quote from RS today, "You may have the faith to move mountains, but don't be surprised when God hands you the shovel."

-I watched Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog. My favorite songs are A Man's Gotta Do, and On The Rise.

Best musical since Jesus Christ Superstar.


Anonymous said...

woohooo!!! I'm glad i randomly checked your blog and was rewarded for doing so. It's been too long friend. I can't believe you're being sponsored! That's insane! I'm glad you get along with your co-workers...or that you can at least eat with them. And i like that quote from RS.

Anonymous said...
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