Saturday, November 1, 2008

I didn't blog in October?!

Man October was such a crazy month!

Work (as in my 8-5 job) is getting more comfortable, but also a little stressful because of the market and whatnot. However, it has also gotten 10x more fun.

I go to see my chiropractor Dr Bazil 3 times a week. I feel so much more healthy!

I'm fighting on December 6.

I'm making a commercial for Bend n Stretch. Pics coming soon!

I've decided to run for congress. Sometime.

I'm going to be a fight promoter.

We're going to win Prop 8.

I think McCain will win, too.

I still don't have an apartment.

I get to see my whole family this Friday!

I have a cold right now, but other than that, I love life.

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