Wednesday, December 31, 2008


So, I stink at this blogging thing. At some point, I may attempt to try to play 'catch up.' But let's not bank on it.

I feel that 2008 was an eventful year both for myself and the world. Here are my most memorable moments of 2008:

January-Moved back home after graduating from UW. I remember picking my stuff up in Seattle right after I got back from Christmas (2007) in Iowa. I also started my paralegal certificate at Skagit because I thought working in a law office would be easy.

February: I started working at Best Buy and a law office. And going to school at night. And I became public affairs of the paralegal club. And the activities coordinator at church.

March: I think I had some sort of a spring break or something. I met up with a few old friends.

April/May: long months! I was still busy doing all that stuff! I think I went on 2 dates as well. Lovelynn and Jason got married.

June: Walked in my UW graduation, finished working at Best Buy and the Law Office, finished the paralegal thing.

July: Moved to California.

August: Got a job at Nova.

September: Started kickboxing. Worked on Prop 8 stuff. Went to Vegas for the first time, broke even.

October: Joined the Fil-Am Republican Association of Los Angeles. Subscribed to a chiropractor.

November: Spoke at the Beverly Hills Country Club for Prop 8. Voted yes on Prop 8 and for McCain/Palin, but wasn't shocked when Obama won. Celebrated Savannah's 2nd birthday, got to see my parents and my brother in Arizona. Spent Thanksgiving in California.

December: Survived layoffs at work. Home for Christmas!

I'd have to look up the exact dates, but at some point, Elisha went on her mission to Spain, Megan went to Argentina, Sam came back from Siberia, and Carl returned from Norway.

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